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Michael Denner

nice loaf, bill... do you use the plate setter, or some other setup? we've had a lot of trouble browning the loaf and not burning the bottom of the loaf... what's your secret?


Hi Michael, thanks!

Yes, I use the baking stone set on the plate setter. I had some trouble too with burning the bottom of the loaf. This happened especially when I got the egg really hot--close to 700--at the start.

For me starting at roughly 600 degrees and lowering the temps into the 400's fairly quickly prevents the burning on the bottom.

That said, the bottom is always slightly darker than the rest of the loaf.

Also I am using a dough with a lot of water in it. I don't know if that makes a difference.


Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

Galicia, the region in the northwest of Spain, has some fabulous breads, and one of our favorites is Galician rye bread, I also love it..

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I don't like spanish food but, This bread is looking good. I have never eat this type of bread. I will try this soon.

edmundo e. simo b.

This Bread is excellent. Very healthy, and a very last long.

edmundo e. simo b.

My mother is 81 years old ( from 1929 ), when she saw and tasted this bread told me... this is a really bread from my date.


Spanish Rye Bread!! wow! i got recipe! thanks a lot! it is very well explained how to make it..m gonna try this out practically..thanks for such helpful post..keep posting..

Pepe Fanjul

WELL,this post is quite in my interest as m fond of eating food and making also! i am going to try this recipe of spanish Rye Bread...

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Spanish Rye Bread...its making seems to be tough ...well your recipe will real be helpful in this case! surely will try this out!


Thanks a lot for the recipe...Just wanted to say great job with the blog...keep posting..

Kripalu ji Maharaj

Great recipe! Surely going to try it out at this weekend, and will be checking how tasty is it?

Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj

Spanish Rye Bread is very very tasty. And I thank you for the recipe of it provided here.

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